Francois Fournier graduated with a BSc Computing and Information.

He said:

A few years ago, I choose to join the Robert Gordon University following the opportunity offered by an international agreement between RGU and my previous university, the "Institut Universitaire de Technologie" (IUT) of Clermont-Ferrand, in France. I was able to join a BSc Computing and Information in third year and then choose to continue this degree until the end of the honours year. The various subjects covered and completeness of the information provided makes this degree an ideal starting point to launch a career in the information technology industry. During the year, some courses are taught in parallel with other degrees. This allows interesting networking with people which have a different aim and ambition.

Following the excellent training from my BSc Honors, I decided to join a MSc Computing: Information Engineering to complete my training and be more competitive in the work market.

The RGU School of Computing takes great pride in constantly improving its courses to address the needs expressed by professionals. I could see the benefits and recognition accorded to my degrees when I have been hired, immediately after graduating. I approached various employers even before the end of my degree and this was welcomed by various interview offers. I choose to work for an international company established locally.

After a couple years working for this company while maintaining links with the university, I discovered the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme and applied to a position offered locally. I was accepted and am now working toward a fully funded PhD, doing research in association with a global energy market intelligence company, ODS-Petrodata. We aim to develop a business decision support model using the company's large database and knowledge of the energy industry.

The various experiences I gained from my degrees in RGU help me every day in this challenging role and allow me to help today's industry perform more proficiently and competitively at an international level.